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What People Are Saying About NWYC


Vicky M, Florida

“We like that we are able to voice our thoughts, opinions, and alternative ideas to the President and Congress. If a congressional member has never been a business owner, how can you expect them to know the ins and outs of running a business?  We are happy to educate them.  Legislation not only affects business people, it affects their employees as well.”

Construction workers and architects at a construction site viewed from above.

Greg L, Michigan

“NWYC helps keep me informed and gives me a quick, simple manner in which I can express my opinion.”

Tim M, Washington

“The service gives me a timely and convenient platform to express my views to my elected officials. It allows Congress to hear from people who actually run businesses. With NWYC, I can express my views with a minimum amount of distraction from running my business. I think that it is an excellent bang for the buck.”

Sandy D, North Carolina

“If you are concerned about what is happening in government, NWYC is an excellent venue to share your views with the people that matter.”

Christian W, Utah

“NWYC has opened my eyes to the possibilities of the future, and that if we want change, we must share our vision. NWYC has shown me my responsibility to my country and my fellow man. It eliminates me wasting time, searching for information, and allows me to get involved right away.”

Construction Worker from behind, earth digger blurred in the background

Robert B, New Mexico

“NWYC provides a tremendous source of information!”

Rick A, Nevada

“NWYC helps keep me stay informed of what is going with our state and federal officials, as well as whether or not those elected are doing what they said they would do. By tracking the updates provided to me by email, I am able to stay better informed. I’ve felt many times that one of my Senators would vote a certain way and then it was not the case. I was able to at least contact them and voice my opinion.”

Tanya B, Tennessee

“NWYC brings up issues that we may or may not know about. It is an easy platform to voice your opinion and get involved.”

Mark F, Minnesota

“NWYC is a great way to keep informed and express yourself; it also offers opportunities for you to be involved in educating our youth on the process of government – all of this with minimal effort on your part.”

Sandra H, Virginia

“It would be better if more small business owners were informed, then the majority would be able to contact their congressmen or senators about issues or laws that affect us all, as well as informing the public about pending laws.”

Sales Representatives

Angel Woodward


Started in 2004

“As a single mom, my daughters are the most important thing in the world to me. NWYC provides me the opportunity to take care of my daughters financially and in other ways as well. I have the flexibility to be at every school function, doctor’s appointment, or take care of them when they are sick. For that, I am forever grateful. It takes a lot of hard work and willingness to go above and beyond; but, the sky is the limit in all aspects for my career at NWYC. “

DeLaCruz, Joe 2016

Joe DeLaCruz


Started in 2016

“This is the most important work I’ve ever done! As an NWYC sales representative, I have the opportunity to visit with people every day whose patriotism is alive and well.”

Donna Felts


Started in 2001

“Our cause reminds me daily that we have a government of, by and for the people. Small business owners we talk to recognize the absolute necessity of our cause.”

Joe Staggs


Started in 2015

“I am passionate about empowering people to take part in preserving our freedoms. My passion is the driving force that makes me excited to get up every day and do this work.”

Webster Barnaby


Started in 1994

“NWYC helps me and my family, by reminding us that we are called to be leaders in our community. The income earned has helped to pay for our kid’s education.”

Kelly Boudreaux


Started in 2012

“NWYC has provided me the opportunity to make my own unique path in this very important work. As a person who is both cause-driven and financially-motivated, NWYC is a great fit for me!”

Mariann Bjelica


Started in 2008

“I consider it a sacred duty to be part of a force of patriots who knock on doors daily, bring awareness, and light some fire under the feet of Americans. Having been born in communism, I regard liberty to be the hub of the wheel which holds together all the spokes. Most Americans do not fully understand the magnitude of having this freedom, what life would be like without it, and the fact that it could quickly and easily slip away from us. It gives me great peace to end my day feeling that I’ve done what I could to further the cause of freedom.”

Theresa Browning


Started in 1996

“NWYC has given me the opportunity to be secure financially and to grow into a leader where I can give, grow and teach others that they can do the same for their families.”

Members of Congress

Rep. Lois Capps Democrat, CA

“It is extremely important for Members of Congress to have a good understanding of the will of the people. Organizations like National Write Your Congressman are vital to establishing this understanding.”

For more information on how to start your career at NWYC, please call +1 (214) 342-0299 or email resumes@nwycrecruiting.com.

For more information on how to start your career at NWYC, please call +1 (214) 342-0299 or email resumes@nwycrecruiting.com.